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YouTube: We tube, and wee tube

Jolly Estaris, Industry Manager of Google Philippines-YouTube
Jolly Estaris, Industry Manager of Google Philippines-YouTube

It was another millennial invasion at PANA last May. And, this one millennial came with data—in the millions. He says PANA started his love of the advertising industry. As a UP Diliman student 13 years ago, Jolly Estaris was part of the school’s team to PANA’s Student Competition on IMC. Today, he is Industry Manager with Google Philippines-YouTube.

In the internet age, social media platforms come with millions of uploads, views, and likes, the top of mind being YouTube. Two short words are synonymous with hours and hours of video uploads every second.

YouTube is the go-to medium for anything. And, because there is easier access to the internet, there’s more demand for content. YouTube obviously is delivering on the demand. News, archived ads, movies, games, entertainment—everything from gory to glorious.

“One billion hours of videos watched every day. 400 hours of videos uploaded on YouTube. At this point, it will take 500 years to watch all videos uploaded,” said Estaris.

That’s staggering. And, it’s not just for adults, too. With the medium more prevalent, and the population getting younger and younger, count children in on the fun and games. There’s YouTube Kids where all videos are for kids, and none for adults.

“I know of kids that already know how to skip ads on YouTube. As well as kids that know how to ‘act like they’re making vids for YouTube’. That is a generational thing,” he shared.

“When YouTube started in 2005, it was My Day at the Zoo (for children). Back then, video was just used to tell a story. The diversity of content has (since) helped make the platform grow, and how to interact on the platform.”

That’s not just what’s in the pipeline for this video hub of all hubs. “YouTube music will soon come to PH shores—where you can play music in the background. It will also have a gaming platform where viewers can watch gamers online.” Yes, you read right.

Again, It’s the accessibility that’s making all the numbers add up for YouTube. From 20-50% impressions on mobile devices, now it is 60%. That’s thanks to telcos, for enabling data to be 88% cheaper than a few years ago.

More numbers: 23 million users just on mobile alone, to date, with 95% growth on mobile watch-time growth from the past year. That is massive growth.

YouTube PH has spurred growth for more local content.
• 45% YouTube uploads growth in past year
• 9 channels with over 1M subscribers
• 100+ channels with 100k to 1M subscribers
• 1000+ channels with 10k – 100k subscribers
Where there was once a dearth, now it’s distraction.
• 90% use 2 screens
• 80% 3 screens
• 50% Mesh behavior related material
• 50% Stuck (unrelated)

Video provides the perfect format for today’s users. You can have very short videos, or you can watch a full 1.5-hour movie. Or, you can binge-watch. There are three reasons why people watch videos: Entertain, Educate and Inspire.

According to Estaris, “YouTube has turned advertisers into storytellers. Gone is the age of putting 30-seconders that you don’t want to see. Now the burden is on the advertisers to put a really good story for people to watch.”

With prevalence comes responsibility. The Google Playbook offers an extensive menu for advertisers to opt-in or opt-out. Screening includes channels with sex/violence/profanity/politics/law, etc. YouTube has been the arena for scandal-viral where the content would not have been appropriate, but accessed by everyone.

“That’s why the Brand Playbook was created to help brands. Now, we want to make advertisers aware that there are elements they can opt out of to protect their brands.

We’ve stopped some YouTube placements of some (dubious) brand ads/videos. And monitored some testing. But as to the successful monetization of videos, content, there has to be a team that screens the videos. Google has beefed up that team of screeners. Transparency is what we have on Google/YouTube,” said Estaris. ~ By Aye P Ubaldo

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