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Strong communications, good storytelling work well for Jollibee

Francis Flores , Global Brand CMO and PH Marketing Head
Francis Flores , Global Brand CMO and PH Marketing Head

There’s been too much talk about the use of comedy and love in successful ads. It must be working gauging by the sheer number of brands that continue to use the formula. Filipinos simply love to love, and they love to laugh.

At the PANA GMM last April 27, Francis Flores of Jollibee shared the Filipino global brand’s recent successful campaigns that, true to form, are all emotion- and comedy-centric themes. Flores, who is Jollibee Global Brand’s CMO and Philippine Marketing Head knows his stuff, and by ‘his stuff’, we mean, he knows what makes Pinoys tick.

Thirty-second ads are enough to stir a reaction when using the themes of humor and love. Many in the audience were teary-eyed with the simple ads. 2016 saw Jollibee produce what Flores calls benchmark ads, Almusal and Kahera.

But, as Q1 of 2017 has shown, Jollibee’s Valentine’s series broke big, and social media went wild. The country’s first QSR global brand was on a roll. “Brands today must understand the power of social media. If (your ad) is worth sharing, Filipinos will share it,” explained Flores.

“Social media affords brands access to how consumers feel and think. It shows what’s in their hearts, and allows two-way conversations. Reading comments everyday made us insightful.”

“All great campaigns start with a powerful truth, so invest your time on this,” advised the ad maestro. According to Flores, “Storytelling is the truth well told. Truth is half the battle. You have to tell the truth very well.”

Relatable—this is perhaps the one element that makes comedy and emotion winners in capturing an audience. Being relatable answers the need to belong, to share something, to be familiar with something.

“Many people were able to relate to Crush, because all of us want to believe that love will stay forever,” explained Flores. “Love comes in many forms, and all these are worth celebrating.”

Flores’ talk stressed how important it is to choose the right creative partners when collaborating on an ad. “Having a good team is not easy to replicate. Collaboration must be founded on mutual trust, and a shared passion for excellence and genuine friendship.

Part of the recipe of a great team is to know roles. As a client you recognize that the final decision lies in you—but decisions must be only after hearing everything out.

The top goals of a brand is to get brand love, and close sales. “We’re fortunate that our bosses all agree on the value of brand love. We’ve seen how this translates in a spike in sales. Sales is the result of strengthening brand love and brand equity,” he adds.***

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