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Enchanted Kingdom’s Latest Attraction Teaches Children about the Environment

DENR-EMB Chief for Environmental Education Elenida Basug
DENR-EMB Chief for Environmental Education Elenida Basug

As a theme park attraction, Agila: The EKsperience is already impressive in itself, as its advanced theatre technology offers its audiences an entertaining and exciting flight through the awe-inspiring landmarks of the Philippines in a matter of minutes. It goes beyond entertainment, however, as the latest Enchanted Kingdom (EK) attraction educatesits guests about the natural beauty of the country and the plight of its endemic wildlife, particularly that of the Philippine Eagle.

The theme park’s efforts to provide a venue that combines wholesome family entertainment along with an educational aspect under the leadership of EK Chairman and President Mario O. Mamon and its Chief Operating Officer Cynthia R. Mamon was recently commended by DENR Environmental Management Bureau Chief for Environmental Education and Information Division Elenida Basug.

DENR-EMB Chief for Environmental Education Elenida Basug

The DENR EMB chief for environmental education was impressed by the world-class Agila attraction during her recent visit to the theme park, saying that this is an initiative that can help teachers educate the youth about the need to conserve and protect the environment. “The feeling of one who experiences the ride is such that they want to do something to protect the country’s natural beauty; they want to help save the forests and the Philippine Eagle. It brings them in touch with the elements of air, water, and earth and those help raise their awareness.”
The magical flight on the majestic wings of the Philippine Eagle will also help the audience give importance to this national treasure, she says. “The Philippine Eagle is not merely a sight to behold. The presence of an eagle is an indication of the healthy state of the forest, but now their population is dwindling and our forests are being threatened by encroachment. It is very good that through Agila, people realize that there are species like this that we need to protect.”

She describes EK as a space to learn about the environment outside of the confines of the classroom, particularly in schools where the facilities may be constrained. “It is good to have enrichment activities such as the Agila theatre, for the children to be able to see for themselves the beauty of our country in a lively manner with remarkable cinematography and effects that make it come alive.”

With initiatives such as Agila: The EKsperience helping the younger generation become more aware of the country’s  resources and the need to protect them, she hopes that they will value the lessons they learn and grow up as a citizenry that is disciplined and environmentally-aware.

To learn more about Agila: The EKsperience, visit www.enchantedkingdom.ph


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