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CoversPANA AdEdge is the official magazine of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA). It is the first-and-only glossy trade magazine representing and serving the entire community of Philippine-based advertisers. It is, considered by many, a valuable source of comprehensive and multidimensional information. It tackles a diverse spectrum of industry issues, from consumer behavior, marketing channels, to media trends.

PANA AdEdge Magazine prints 3,000 copies per issue and are distributed to the company heads and representatives of all PANA-member companies, as well as to their Marketing /Marketing Communications group. Copies are, likewise, sent to allied associations –4As, ASAP, CAAP, IBA, IMMAP, KBP, MSAP, MORES, OAAP, UPMG, and ASC. Complimentary copies are also given to the heads of the marketing communications/ advertising department of colleges and universities nationwide. We also share copies of the magazines to student organizations which are members of the Federation of Advertising Organizations (FAO), an umbrella organization of advertising student organizations which PANA Foundation helped organize.

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